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12 Dec 2023

1. New investment positions opened in: Bittensor ($500k), ZTX Zepeto ($250k), Mocaverse ($240k), XAI Games ($100k), Shrapnel ($100k), Matr1x ($120k), Pudgy Penguins ($80k), Pixelmon ($70k), Imaginary Ones ($50k), Azra ($30k), Neo Tokyo ($30k), L3E7 ($20k)

2. Unrealised gains of $1.5Mn across the board. Main contributors are Ronin (+$480k), Fusionist (+$235k), Mocaverse (+$170k), Zepeto (+$130k), DigiDaigaku (+$110k)

3. Write-down of $1.3Mn in illiquid assets and seed investments (an illiquidity ratio is applied on the current values). This is likely the final write-down of assets since majority of plays moving forward are liquid investments. These are mainly contributed by HV-MTL (-$143k), Axes Metaverse (-$100k), Klay Kingdoms (-$90k), Metagods (-$250k), Walken (-$65k), Planet Mojo (-$60k), MirrorWorld (-$50k). Removal of $PATH token value (-$483k) from buyback pools and LP pools to ensure that treasury value reflects only non-native assets.

4. ~$400k of Treasury ETH used for token buybacks per DAO-approved PIP10B.

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Updated on Tue, 12 Dec 2023

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