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15 Sept 2023

1. Cash portion of treasury is still majorly held in ETH, high volatility is expected. Vs previous report, ETH declined to 1630 (4.1%). We are not worried about this, and still are working to have our investments outperform ETH in the next bull run.

2. Increased Rollbit investment to a total of $1.3Mn capital deployed. High fluctuations due to low liquidity in AMMs but we are bullish on their growth and burn tokenomics momentum. Unrealised losses of $150k from price fluctuations.

3. From previous reporting, unrealised gains of $69k on HV-MTL portfolio (incl. legendary amps and HVs); unrealised losses on PhotoFinish (-$170k), Azuki (-$21k), DGPals (-$18k), Fusionist (-$15k), DigiDaigaku (-$11k) - still bullish on these assets on the long term.

4. Introduced a new incubated venture that is tapping into the Fortnite UEFN ecosystem. More announcement on this in the coming month. Stay tune to our twitter for some building in public preview.

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