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10 Nov 2023

1. Treasury has been fully deployed long into Alts, heavy volatility is expected. Sector coverage as follows: Macros (BTC, ETH) – 25%; Gaming- 27%; GambleFi – 17%; DeFi – 20%; Low Caps – 12% . Positions are in profits currently but unrealized.

2. Realised $1.1Mn in profits from $RLB, have a remaining $1.2Mn position in Rollbit; $70k from $RUNE, $30k from several smaller alt bags.

3. Entered $400k into $RON, $560k into $APE, $200k into $PRIME, $250k into $GMT, $100k into $SHRAP, $100k into $ILV to increase exposure to Gaming tokens.

4. Unrealised increase in value from NFTs of $150k (HV-MTL), $100k (Azuki), $72k (BigTime), $90k (DigiDaigaku), $314k (PhotoFinishLive), $93k (Mocaverse), and $22k (Myria)

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Updated on Tue, 14 Nov 2023

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