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15th Mar 2022

1. Increased large-cap holdings with $955k into ETH, $114k into BTC, $203k into WBTC. Larger treasury volatility to be expected.

2. Opened spot positions of $128k into $RON, $16k NFT position into Mocaverse.

4. Realised $78k profit from Blur trade positions, $58k from Sewer Passes

5. Marked down $330k from native token LP pools. Paper losses in $CRT of $45k, $FXS of $26k and Hooked of $35k, DigiDaigaku NFTs of $60k, Walken of $31k (we are still long mid term on these positions).

6. Further paper gains in BAYC sewer passes of $53k, Azuki of $22k.

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Updated on Thu, 16 Mar 2023

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