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This staking pool consists of 2 types of deposits: PATH & NFT.

PATH Deposits: Rewards depend on the length of period staked. The length of committed period will contribute exponentially the number of shares gained in the pool. You may deposit up to 5 years to maximize your staking weightage.

NFT Deposits: This represent your position in Staking Pool v2. The amount of locked PATH staked will contribute to the number of shares gained in the pool. When the deposits in the old v2 pool are unlocked, this NFT will expired and no rewards will be allocated - you will have to migrate your PATH in v2 manually over to the new v3 pools.

No active pool at the moment!

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*For PATH/ETH Uniswap V2 Pool deposits, Amount Staked will show total LP tokens staked. For PATH Pool deposits, it will show total $PATH staked.

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